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Christmas Day, 2017

We here at believe that Christmas is a special family time for creating just the right ambience for idealized childhood memories. Some say that a focus on aesthetics misses the spirit of Christmas, but I respectfully disagree. Scroll down a bit for some… Continue reading

Merry G*ddamn Christmas

I blame the damn fingerling monkey, this hot new toy of 2017, on all my family problems this holiday season.  He’s pretty cute, you have to admit. I mean, just watch like ten seconds of this:   I have never subscribed to any kind of… Continue reading

Root Canal, Part 2

In Part 1 of Root Canal: The Unauthorized Autobiography, I signed off with a complicated dilemma: Should I get nitrous oxide to offset the anxiety of having a practitioner dig farm implements into my tooth roots? Or should I be brave and just go… Continue reading

Root Canal Pt. 1

  I had a root canal retreatment today. This is not to be confused with a root canal treatment. A retreatment means, in my case, that you had a root canal some time ago, but neglected to do Part 2, the important part, the… Continue reading