A Book a Week…

For a while, I was writing about a picture book every single day. I had the ambitious goal of getting through an entire year of books — 365 of them — by writing a short review every single day. Needless to say, at around 185 books I finally threw in the towel. I couldn’t keep up with the writing schedule (only a savant could do it).  At this point in the game, I’m shooting for a picture book every week.

There are a lot of picture book lists out there, but they are usually award winners or extremely popular books. I’m interested in books with wonderful art for sure, but I’m primarily interested in story.  Does the book have a well-written plot line?  Is the writing compelling?  Do the illustrations pair well with the text and, most importantly, what do my children think?  These are some of the questions I am exploring as I read picture books — old, new, vintage, obscure — to my seven-year-old son and three-year-old twins.

I like to think that I’m introducing you to the best ones out there, but once in a while I might include something that I find annoying but that my children love with all their hearts. These books are worth mentioning sometimes.

Book recommendations are entirely subjective. Feel free to voice your dissent in the comments section. I’d love to hear your opinion, as well as any books you think I might have missed.   ABZ

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  1. Ted Ficklen says:

    When are you starting? What’s the first book?

    • Hi there! Thanks for commenting on my posts. I post a different children’s book every day. If you click around my very confusing site, you can see them all. If you’re interested in reading posts from me every day, feel free to subscribe to my list. That’s when the boys really meet the men…ABZ

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