Video Vensday on Tuesday. Or Monday, I think.

I was all excited about posting a new video on Wednesday so I could call this series Video Vensday, but I am seeing now that this joke is getting tired, and anyway it’s Tuesday. Actually, I’m writing this to you on Monday night at… Continue reading

Eight Ways You Can Make Your Writing Funnier

A lot of people tell me that my Facebook posts or personal emails or videos are hilarious, and they want to know how to write funny. Or these people already have a funny story to tell, but when they write it out it doesn’t… Continue reading

Video Vensday — An Original Video for You

Velcome to Video Vensday, where on certain Wednesdays of the month, I will present you with some important examples of my latest projects. This week, I’m sharing the movie trailer to a larger feature I’ve been working on, entitled Snow Oysters. It’s powerful, meaningful… Continue reading

Why Blogging Will Never Be Dead

Someone told me recently that blogging was dead and there was no point to having a website with a blog attached. I was sad to hear this news because it makes a person feel idiotic to be keeping up with something that is considered… Continue reading

How to Fix Your Monkey, a Video, and Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018! My resolution is to drink more water. Moving on. In case you forgot, it was a huge ordeal to get up early on a Sunday morning to buy this year’s most popular toy, the Fingerling, for my five-year-old twins. In… Continue reading

Christmas Day, 2017

We here at believe that Christmas is a special family time for creating just the right ambience for idealized childhood memories. Some say that a focus on aesthetics misses the spirit of Christmas, but I respectfully disagree. Scroll down a bit for some… Continue reading

Merry G*ddamn Christmas

I blame the damn fingerling monkey, this hot new toy of 2017, on all my family problems this holiday season.  He’s pretty cute, you have to admit. I mean, just watch like ten seconds of this:   I have never subscribed to any kind of… Continue reading

Root Canal, Part 2

In Part 1 of Root Canal: The Unauthorized Autobiography, I signed off with a complicated dilemma: Should I get nitrous oxide to offset the anxiety of having a practitioner dig farm implements into my tooth roots? Or should I be brave and just go… Continue reading

Root Canal Pt. 1

  I had a root canal retreatment today. This is not to be confused with a root canal treatment. A retreatment means, in my case, that you had a root canal some time ago, but neglected to do Part 2, the important part, the… Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2017: The Band

Well, another successful Thanksgiving year come and gone, replete with all the sugary trimmings, family drama, and dinner table repartee. I look forward to this time of year because as a writer, I love the family fights. It makes such amazing material. This year… Continue reading