Book #270: Lion vs. Rabbit

Lion is a bully that must be stopped. He gives Buffalo a wedgie, he sticks silly notes on Zebra. He steals Hyena’s lunch monkey!  The animals are exasperated, so finally Baboon runs an ad offering a reward for anyone who can get Lion to stop bullying.  (The reward is 100 bucks, or, mostly gazelle — […]

Book #269: Have You Seen My Dragon?

Just ink with a splash of color on each page, Have You Seen My Dragon is a counting book, a find-the-object-book, and a paean to Manhattan rolled all into one. Since the dragon is really not that hard to find, I figured the book might be a bit young for my six-year-old, but he insisted […]

Book #268: An Egg is Quiet

Another book I forgot to mention this past Easter is An Egg is Quiet, written by Dianna Aston and illustrated by Sylvia Long. I tend to write largely about fictional or biographical picture books, so this is a nice break. An Egg is Quiet, published by Chronicle Books, is a lovely homage to the different kinds […]

Book #267: Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

A crane truck and a cement mixer nod off and fall gently to sleep. Other heavy machinery, too. This one is a nice break from sleepy animals and babies, and somehow the rhyming narrative isn’t bothersome. He lowers his bed, locks his gate, Rests his wheels; it’s getting late. He dims his lights, then shuts […]

Book #266: The Giant Carrot

Originally a Russian folktale called “The Turnip,” Jan Peck decided to rewrite the story in a southern vernacular and switch out the turnip for the “tasty, versatile carrot.”  What you get is a wonderful retelling of an old tale and a recipe for carrot pudding at the back of the book besides. As the days grew […]

Book #265: The Gardener

I don’t know how you can talk about children’s books and the spring season without mentioning Sara Stewart and David Small’s The Gardener, published in 1997 and winner of a Caldecott honor (Rapunzel won the medal that year, in case you were interested). This is a depression-era piece about a young girl who goes to […]

Book #264: The Ugly Vegetables

A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read from 1999, The Ugly Vegetables is a first person story about a little girl who wishes her mother would plant something besides “ugly vegetables,” or Chinese greens, during the spring months. While the neighbors are busy watching and smelling their beautiful flower blooms, the narrator is dismayed to see […]

Book #263: The Dandelion’s Tale

I’m so happy to see spring that I’ve decided to devote a few days to books that celebrate the season.  The Dandelion’s Tale feels a bit springlike in that it’s about birth and renewal — the circle of life, if you’ll forgive the term. But it’s also about death and memory and yes, writing, too, […]

Book #262: President Taft is Stuck in the Bath

Nobody knows if this is true or not, but rumor has it that President Taft, an enormous man, couldn’t get out of his bathtub one day. In Mac Barnett’s iteration of this version, Taft called upon everyone from his cabinet for advice on how to get himself out. “Blast it,” Taft bellows, repeatedly, when the members of […]

Book #261: Coming Soon

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Book #260: Coming soon

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Book #259: Coming Soon

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Book #258: A Fine St. Patrick’s Day

Yes, I know that St. Patrick’s Day was a while ago, but I never had a chance to share this book and now it’s due back at the library. It was such a great read, too — well-written with interesting illustrations — that I felt bad just returning the book without a mention. You really […]

Book #257: If Anything Ever Goes Wrong at the Zoo

Here’s a book from 1993 that I plucked from the library display a few weeks ago. I think it’s an engaging and entertaining story, and besides that, it’s about the zoo.  What child doesn’t want to hear a story about the zoo? The book opens with the simple announcement that Leslie and her mother go […]

Note to My Book Review Readers…

I am out of town for some days this week visiting a close friend in the hospital.  Please check back for more book talk soon…ABZ

Book #248: Sparky!

Here’s that same monochromatic illustrative style we are seeing in so many books these days, but I happen to like this style and don’t mind seeing a similar color palette from book to book. And this one is such a great book, too. It’s one of those picture books that makes a great present for anybody, […]

Book #247: Stay Tuned

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Book #246: Rechenka’s Eggs

You can’t get through a list of books for Easter without getting into Rechenka’s Eggs, by Patricia Polacco. I’ve written about her before, but I’m especially excited to tell you about this book, my favorite of all Polacco’s work. Babushka is known for painting the most exquisite eggs around. Every year she brings her eggs […]

Book #245: Minerva Louise and the Colorful Eggs

Janet Stoeke has written a whole bunch of these inviting books about a silly chicken, and I love them all. The illustrations are bright and appealing, the writing is excellent, and Minerva Louise is sort of unforgettable. She’s naive and sweet, maybe a little on the dense side, which to me feels about right for […]

Book #244: The Golden Egg Book

Margaret Wise Brown wrote over a hundred books in her lifetime and was most famous for Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny, but here’s a little Easter story that would seem ordinary if you didn’t know who wrote it. If you look at the book closely, you can see the same control of language and mastery […]

Book #243: The Tale of Peter Rabbit

This book discussion is still a rough draft, since it’s taking me longer than usual to complete.  I thought I’d put it up here while I work on it, since it’s a good enough introduction for now… Since this is Easter week and I’m writing a lot about bunnies, it seems only logical to include a […]

Book #242: The Story of the Easter Bunny

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Book #241: The Carp in the Bathtub

I found this book under a pile of papers in my closet about ten months ago and set it aside to talk about this Passover. Though I’d forgotten about it for many years, The Carp in the Bathtub was a story I loved as child. It’s hard to find books about a particular holiday that […]

Book #240: The Passover Lamb

I had been meaning to write about this book in anticipation of Passover, but hadn’t been able to grab it from the library in time. Just this morning I found that someone else had beaten me to the punch. Until I can actually get the book into my own hands, here’s a discussion of The […]