Book #114: Big Rabbit’s Bad Mood

Big Rabbit's Bad Mood -- coverA hairy and gray bad mood follows Big Rabbit all around the house, eating his cactus and wiping his boogers on the carpet. Disgusting! Big Rabbit can’t get rid of the bad mood no matter how hard he tries, and things don’t get better until his friends throw him a surprise birthday party.

I love this bizarre story, the peculiar rendering of the rabbit and the other oddly-colored animals, and the overall design. It’s refreshing to find a story that has something of a random ending, too.  Big Rabbit doesn’t outsmart his bad mood or do something nice for himself in order to get rid of it — no! His friends show up with a cake and that’s the end of it. It’s refreshing when you find a story that irritates parents because it has no palpable message. It’s a day in the life. No big meaning to take home and ponder.

Ray loved the book and has returned to it a few times. This is a great one for the kid that has a mischievous gleam in his eye. It’s cleverly designed, too. Someone loved this book.  ABZ

Big Rabbit's Bad Mood -- followed

Big Rabbit's Bad Mood -- Hairy Behind Him


Big Rabbit's Bad Mood -- cactus
Big Rabbit's Bad Mood -- friends at the doorClick here to read Book #115


  1. Matt Wright says:

    This was one of Calder’s repeat reads, too. He loved the illustration of all Rabbit’s friends in the doorway to rescue his mood.

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