Book #12: I Love You, Mouse

IMG_1404Sometimes I like to feature a lesser-known children’s book by a greater-known author or illustrator. Tomie dePaola is enormously prolific. He has illustrated hundreds of books.  His art is distinctive and recognizable; once you have read Strega Nona or Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs, you will recognize everything else he has done.

Which is why it was such a lovely surprise to find this book on a shelf at our local mall.  I’m not talking about a bookstore, either.  It was a rainy afternoon, and I decided to drag my three moody offspring to an indoor romper room situated catty corner to the JC Penny.  The place had bouncy houses and miniature dolls and plastic cars and a little snack bar for when your kids grow thirsty from all the bouncing.  In the farthest corner was a short bookshelf where I came across this lovely, quiet story.

A little boy walks around saying good night to all the animals.  Toward the end, we notice that the child’s father watches in the background, silently reassuring his son that he loves him as much as his son loves the animals.

It’s not a complicated or particularly original read.  But the illustrations are endearing and comforting.  Plus it’s great respite for any parent that needs a break from The Runaway Bunny or Goodnight Moon.


IMG_1405 IMG_1406


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