Book #166: A House in the Woods

A House in the Woods -- coverThis book is written and illustrated by Inga Moore, and it’s one of these obscure stories that you imagine someone will remember vividly as a child. I thought this was a very original observation, by the way, but then I noticed that someone said the exact same thing about this book on Amazon.  At any rate, the illustrations are lush full bleeds filled with the stuff of real enchantment, and the story is sure to fascinate any child.

It’s not a complicated plot.  A bear and a moose take over the respective homes of two pigs, wrecking their dwelling places and causing some concern on the part of the pigs, though not for lack of affection for the bear.  Or the moose.  In fact, all four decide to build themselves a large house they can inhabit simultaneously. Naturally they employ the beavers, who wish to be paid in peanut butter sandwiches.

I just reread that paragraph and it sounds like something out of drug-induced haze. How did Ms. Moore come up with this, anyway?

It’s a great read-aloud and a lovely celebration of roommates.  House building, too.  (Read Building Our House) I love the last picture of the moose tucked into bed (check back in a day for that photo).  ABZ

the house in the woods -- bench

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