Book #168: A Home for Bird

A Home for Bird -- coverIt’s hard to put into words how much I love this book. These pictures, my god, these pictures.  I’m thinking of buying some prints from Phillip Stead’s website. Phillip Stead, in case you were wondering, is married to the tremendously talented Erin Stead, of If You Want to See a Whale.  This husband and wife team also made A Sick Day for Amos McGee, but Phillip was just the writer for that one. His illustrations in A Home for Bird are unique and unforgettable.  There’s much pathos in these pages as Vernon the frog tries steadfastly to figure out how to get Bird back home.

A Home for Bird -- teacup

It’s apparent to adults (I think) that Bird isn’t even a living creature.  Perhaps Vernon the frog is aware too, but he doesn’t care.  In any event, he is determined to get Bird back where he belongs, and you just love him for it.  Look at that frog!

A Home for Bird -- face off

Phillip Stead has a website where he talks about his favorite books.  I’ve taken quite a few of his recommendations.  Both he and his wife are totally obsessed with and devoted to the art of picture books for children.  You can tell, too.  ABZ

A Home for Bird

A Home for Bird -- cuckoo

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Here’s a great post from Phillip Stead’s website

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