Book #169: How to Hide a Lion

how to hide a lion -- coverAll the lion wanted was a hat, after all, but the townspeople chased him away nonetheless. Iris takes him in, but hiding a lion from your parents can be difficult. First of all, lions are big and fluffy, and they sleep a lot. I love that Iris reads The Tiger Who Came to Tea to her lion.

Her parents find out, of course, but all is redeemed at the end.  Very simple watercolor and pen and ink do the job in this book. The illustrations are reminiscent of earlier years — humble, small, childlike. No fancy, splashy pretentiousness at all. Nothing slick.

The lion is very endearing, like a young teenager with a new beard.  It’s nice to see a female protagonist, too.  ABZ

how to hide a lion -- gray stonehow to hide a lion -- lion alone

how to hide a lion -- reading on lionhow to hide a lion -- riding on top


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