Book #171: Frog Song

Frog Song -- coverA woman on Goodreads wrote that her five-year-old got bored halfway through this book and went off to do something else. Not that any child’s reaction to any book should serve as a legitimate review, but my son loved this book and keeps asking me to renew it from the library. Different strokes.

These are incredibly detailed paintings of frogs and their mating habits alongside some very expressive renderings of sounds. Guiberson must have had a child’s perspective in mind when she wrote words like these:

In Spain, the song of the male midwife toad clangs like a bell. TINKTINKTINK! He carries a string of sticky eggs and crouches under a wet log to keep them moist. SQUIZZLE-SQUIZ. When he feels the tadpoles squirming, he hops, hops, hops to find a pool where they can hatch.

The illustrations look like paintings. Anyone interested in the natural world will be fascinated by creatures like the Surinam Toad, who sprouts little toads right out of her back, or better yet, Darwin’s frog, who cares for tadpoles inside his vocal sacs. When they are ready to go, they pop out of his mouth.

Frog Song -- Darwin's Frog

This is a beautiful book.  We Youtubed quite a few frogs after poring over the illustrations. We talked about frogs for a long time, too, and the information at the back of the book provided a lot of useful information about these extraordinary creatures. So much wonderful non-fiction in picture books these days — I can’t keep up.  ABZ

Frog Song -- eggs on back

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