Book #175: Abe’s Honest Words

Abe's Honest Words -- Cover on BackOver the next few days leading up to his birthday, I’ll be featuring picture books exclusively about Abraham Lincoln. I’ve looked at a large number of these books, and I like to think I’ve selected some memorable ones. My choices are by no means an  exhaustive list — it would take months or years to get through the body of picture books published about our nation’s favorite president. I’m simply presenting a few of the ones that have stood out for me. Hopefully you’ll write in to let me know what I’ve missed.

Today, by the way, we’re hosting a birthday party to celebrate our son’s sixth year, so I won’t have time to complete the discussion of this book until some time in the future. Check back soon for my discussion of this book. For now, I’ll leave you with Kadir Nelson’s exquisite paintings.

Abe's Honest Words -- reading


Abe's Honest Words -- writing

Abe's Honest Words -- sitting middleAbe's Honest Words -- cover

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