Book #178: Just Like Abraham Lincoln

Just Like Abraham Lincoln -- coverRemember Bernard Waber?  I happened upon this one in my search for unique Lincoln books to share, and I’m grateful to have found something like this. From 1964, here’s a special book that contains the usual well-known facts about Abe Lincoln’s boyhood inside a fictional story of a little boy who has a neighbor that looks exactly like Abe Lincoln. (Sorry about the formatting.  I can’t figure out how to fix it and my web lady told me to work with someone else because I’m too annoying.)

Mr. Potts, my neighbor, looks just like Abraham Lincoln.
Everyone says so.
Everyone says it’s amazing how much
Mr. Potts looks like Abraham Lincoln.
Everyone says Mr. Potts
looks as much like Lincoln
as Lincoln on a penny…
maybe even more.

Just like Abraham Lincoln -- rake


Just like Abraham Lincoln -- flowers

The boy takes long walks with Mr. Potts, a Lincolnphile, and they talk about Abe’s buckskin breeches and coonskin cap.  They talk about Abe’s log cabin in the woods and the famous anecdote about how he would walk for miles to borrow a book and then return it. Eventually the narrator convinces Mr. Potts to grow a beard and wear a stove pipe hat so that he might surprise the students at his school on Lincoln’s birthday.

Just like Abraham Lincoln -- car

“Welcome to Gettysburg,” said a tall,
straight man with the face of Abraham Lincoln.
A buzz ran through the audience.
“It’s Abraham Lincoln,” cried some.
“It’s Mr. Potts,” said others, smiling
when they recognized him.

The narrator is sad when Mr. Potts has to move away to a job in Washingon D.C., but it looks like there’s some hope when a new neighbor, Mr. Pettigrew, takes over the house.  Yup, you guessed it.  ABZ

Just like Abraham Lincoln -- george

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