Book #181: Happy Valentine’s Day, Dolores

happy valentine's day dolores -- coverI just realized it’s Vintage Friday and the book I had slotted for today was published in 2006. Oh well. This is my blog. I can do what I want.

Ordinarily I would have written about only one Valentine’s Day book, but after writing about this one — which I love — I realized that I deeply loved one more and that it must be discussed. So, two books for Valentine’s Day.

There are a few books out about Dolores and her big sister, Faye, and I’m sorry to say I don’t know any but this one. I’ll certainly need to look them up, though, because Happy Valentine’s Day, Dolores is suspenseful and hilarious. Will Faye catch her younger sister in the act of borrowing her frog necklace? Will she notice that the necklace is missing from its heart-shaped box before Dolores gets it back in time? I could see that Ray was on the edge of his seat.

Dolores happens to catch her sister slipping a heart-shaped box into her dresser drawer. When Faye isn’t around, she investigates.

Inside the box was a frog. But not just any frog. It was a special Valentine’s Day frog necklace. When you pressed a button on its tummy, it croaked a sweet little tune.

“Wow!” said Dolores. “Aren’t you something.”

Dolores can’t concentrate in school. She wonders all day long if the frog necklace is for her sister’s best friend or if some boy had given it to her. Dolores goes home and, giving in to temptation, tries on the necklace. Faye returns home unexpectedly and Dolores can’t get the necklace off in time. So she has to wear a scarf at dinner.

Dolores figures out how to unclasp the necklace, finally, but what will one more day wearing it hurt anyone? She wears it to school and tells everyone she has an admirer.  When she returns home to put the necklace back, lo and behold — it’s gone.

At this point on the story Ray and I are hanging on to each other for dear life. We’re both scared of Faye. What will happen when she finds out Dolores has lost her Valentine’s Day necklace?

I’ll stop here and let you read the rest for yourself.  I’ll give you a hint: it has a happy and surprising ending. Barbara Samuels both writes and illustrates these stories, and I think the cartoonish pictures live up to the text just fine. Read the book and let me know what you think.  Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!  ABZ

Happy Valentine's Day, Dolores -- frog necklace


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  1. Isabel Hardwig says:

    This was a really funny book I read after I got it out of the library. Dolores is very well-written, the ending is sweet, and Duncan the cat cracked me up, especially the looks on his face in the pictures.

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