Book #184: The Perfect Nest

PNEST_HJ_USHappy President’s Day.  Except, um, I didn’t make it. I had a few good books in the pipeline for the holiday, but unfortunately a hideous leak in our roof kept me from a trip to the library to go pick up the books. I’ll probably get to the presidential books in July and if you are my mother reading this don’t call me about the leak. You don’t want to know.

Instead I bring you The Perfect Nest, a hilarious book far away from any thoughts of heavy wet snow, shoveling out your car while a hideous string of profanities escapes your lips, and the fact that the undercarriage of our van had to be repaired because it got caught on ice in the driveway.

Possibly I am a bit too hostile to write a picture book review just now. But my devoted readers (all three of you, including my spouse and my mother), if you live in this part of the country (the northeast) then you certainly know the seasonal pain of which I speak.

I mean…how in the world would an icicle form in the middle of a power line?  I had to pull over to get a picture of it.


Take a closer look.


Seriously?  Look again.

icicle on wire enlarged


All right, all right.  Back to The Perfect Nest.  I’d post photos of our leak but then I’d get calls from our contractor.  Our contractor, incidentally, is also on my blog list. What can I say, he likes picture books. This one is his favorite.

A cat develops an evil plan. Hungry for an omelette, he builds an irresistible nest so that a bird might get comfortable and lay his breakfast. He doesn’t expect that not one bird — not even two — but three winged creatures decide to unwittingly offer a meal. Naturally the cat is excited because now he not only has a nice breakfast, but lunch and dinner besides.

Readers, I haven’t started categorizing my books just yet (stay tuned) but if I were doing so, this book would fall under Funny Books.  Ray laughed uproariously.  And it’s very well put together, actually, with a neat ending and some excellent repetition for the younger ones. Don’t be dissuaded by the cartoony-ness. It’s a great read, and I thank my friend Holly Hunkins Tarson for this recommendation. Happy reading! I hope the diversion suited you well. I tell you, I really needed the laugh.  ABZ

The Perfect Nest -- cat & utensils

The Perfect Nest -- fighting birds


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