Book #190: This Little Piggy

This Little Piggy -- coverHere’s a funny book from 2013 by indie rock band member Tim Harrington, who lives in Brooklyn. Ever wonder what happens to the piggies on the other foot? It’s a lot more interesting than the original circumstance with all that going to market for roast beef and crying all the way home.

This little piggy built a spaceship and flew to outer space, where he found a planet of green jelly creatures that taught him how to eat Martian marshmallows and play gravity tag and catch asteroid beetles. He started a successful robot repair shop, and on days off he rode the solar slides. Wee! Wee! Wee! All the way down!

The book has a great design and excellent rhythm. This little piggy dug dancing. This little piggy flew planes. This little piggy sold hot dogs. This little piggy loved paints.

The images of the piggies — weird, dismembered little toes, really — are funny and entertaining.  There’s something transgressive about the whole thing, too, all these disembodied piggies and their weird habits. Ray enjoyed the book the first time and asked for it again about two weeks later. I guess there’s a piggy rhythm that stays in the mind long after you turn the last page of this ridiculous book. More likely, though, is the fact that he’s tired of watching his parents do the traditional piggies with his little twin sisters, and he longs for a more subversive alternative.  ABZ

This Little Piggy -- long page


This little Piggy -- dancing piggy


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