Book #194: The World is Waiting for You

The World is Waiting for You -- coverIf you’re tired of the old pen-and-ink situation, here’s National Geographic’s answer to Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, with gorgeous photographs and a soaring exhortation to get out there and divide and conquer. So to speak.  I’ll have to remind my son that I have no desire to ever see him sky dive or repair the Hubble telescope, but a little spelunking seems okay.  Archaeology — that’s cool.

Right outside your window there’s a world to explore.
Follow that path around the next bend.
Who knows where it might lead?

The language might sound a little hackneyed or banal to us parental folks, but this book is for children, who have not yet been exposed to self-help books. I actually think the book is inspiring, and many of the photographs are truly breathtaking.  In particular I like the image of the mountain climber suspended in midair against rock and sky, and the closeup of a girl holding a starfish surveying the ocean.  The text reads:

Inside that shell
Beyond the foam.
Beneath the waves.

Indeed, at six years old, The World is Waiting for You.  ABZ

The World is Waiting for You -- forest


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