Book #205: George Flies South

George Flies South -- coverFrom 2011 by Simon James, here’s a little story about the power of mother’s love. I love a good story about the power of mother’s love, by the way.  Show me a Runaway Bunny or Are You My Mother and I’ll show you a happy reader (or writer). Ever seen Hazel’s Amazing Mother by Rosemary Wells?  There’s a great mother story, too.

Simon James’ illustrations are drawn in the tradition of Quentin Blake, with lively colorful pictures in ink and watercolor and a loose, happy line. It’s a traditional set-up, with the baby bird getting separated from his mom. He’s too nervous to fly, but luckily his little nest sails right along with him, providing some protection and comfort. After a near-death experience with a pouncing cat, George finally gets it right.  His mother is alongside him for the most of the trip, offering words of encouragement.

It’s a sweet read, simple and fun.  ABZ

George Flies South -- in his nest


George Flies South -- mother


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