Book #213: Squid and Octopus

Squid & Octopus -- coverTao Nyeu silkscreens some of her work using water-based ink and colored pencil. I think the colors and details really shine, but it’s the writing that cracks me up. There’s something very funny about an octopus and squid being the best of friends, don’t you agree?

I love this illustration. All those arms.



Squid & Octopus -- hug


There are four stories in this book: The Quarrel, The Dream, The Hat, and The Fortune Cookie. The moments are very small, like something you’d find in the George and Martha books, or perhaps Frog and Toad.  In The Fortune Cookie, my personal favorite, Squid is nervous about his fortune.  Will it be a good fortune?  A bad one?  A tricky one?

“What would a bad fortune say?” asked Squid.
“A bad fortune could say ‘You will have a close encounter of a serious kind’. My goodness, did you just squirt ink on me?”
“Sorry,” said Squid. “That fortune was really scary.”

Octopus and Squid decide to fortify themselves against their fears of a bad fortune by opening the cookie together. Which really is the only way to go, I think.  ABZ

Squid & Octopus -- true friends






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