Book #214: Everyone Poops

Everyone Poops - coverNote: I’ve linked this book to Taro Gomi’s other illustrious favorite, Everyone Farts, since there is no apparent link to this book.  You can navigate your way to this book from there.  

Taro Gomi has written and illustrated hundreds of books for children.  A few of them, including Everyone Poops, have made it into the American pantheon.

What can one say about this book, really?  People write a lot of sarcastic things about this book (“…might be the most important book of our generation,” one reader notes) but the pictures are clearly the work of a talented artist, and the topic is, well — it’s interesting anyway.  The Japanese are not known for avoiding squeamish topics. And while the book is short on information and long on whimsy, which makes for a pretty short discussion here — I still like it.

Different animals make different kinds of poop
Different shapes
Different colors
Even different smells

Well, you’re not going to get an argument from me. My kids liked the picture of the little boy on the potty and the baby pooping in his diaper. And why not write about something we encounter every day?  I’ll be the first to say that scat brings us all that much closer as human beings.  There, I said it.  ABZ

Everyone Poops -- animals

Everyone Poops -- dad


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