Book #216: Don’t Play with Your Food

Don't Play With Your Food -- coverAt this point I can’t even remember if I wrote about Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great, but here’s another funny one by Bob Shea about a monster named Buddy who can’t seem to eat some bunnies no matter how hard he tries. Every day he gets up with the intent to devour them, but it’s always something. Like they just made cupcakes (“Be careful, Buddy,” the bunnies cry.  “The pan is very hot.”).

Buddy is too full after eating 9 cupcakes to eat the bunnies, so he asks if they wouldn’t mind being eaten tomorrow. But tomorrow is filled with swimming, and everyone knows you mustn’t eat right after you swim, lest you get a cramp. The bunnies take Buddy to the carnival (he gets too dizzy to eat because the bunnies like “the spinny, whippy rides the best.”) and they take adorable naps together.  The bunnies multiply, too, though this is only mentioned as a kind of afterthought.  The whole thing is pretty funny, and the illustrations are just nuts.  What kid wouldn’t love this book?  Bonus: I liked it too.  ABZ

Don't Play With Your Food -- stripes










Don't Play With Your Food -- hot pan

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