Book #220: Red Sings from Treetops a year in colors

Red Sings from Treetops -- coverSomeone wrote this nice thing about Red Sings from Treetops at this website:

Observation, discovery, connection . . . Red Sings From the Treetops embodies everything poetry is meant to be. The vivid words of poet Joyce Sidman — which are fresh even when writing about the oldest of concepts, color — and the gloriously hue-soaked pictures of illustrator Pamela Zagarenski combine to create a poetry book that is both thoughtful and exuberant… 

I don’t usually integrate longer quotes from other bloggers or writers, but I don’t write much about poetry books and often feel ill-equipped to do so. This lovely someone wrote a nice homage, so I figured, what the heck. The hour is late; the twins beckon shortly.

Here’s a page that I really like:

And here,
in secret places,
peeps Pink:
the color of
new things.

Here’s a bad copy of the page that goes with it.  Trust me that the illustration of the baby birds is endearing:

Red Swings from Treetops -- baby birds

The whole book is a great introduction to color, to the changing tones of the seasons, and most particularly to the versatile rhythm and sound of language. Once I explained to Ray that nothing happens in this book; that it’s just about colors and words and the pictures that words bring to mind, he was okay with it. Which is both a good thing and also perhaps an alert to the fact that I haven’t been reading him enough poetry these days.

He’s looking forward to the color of spring, too, by the way.  ABZ

Red Sings from Treetops -- sailboat




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