Book #227: Frogs in Clogs

Frogs in Clogs -- coverThis one is by Sheila White Samton and was published in 1995. School Library Journal wrote, “The sometimes chortling expressions and occasionally lilting text provide humor, but not enough to save this picture book from mediocrity.”

Well ain’t we fancy, School Library Journal. I think this book is hilarious and bizarre and will probably be hailed as a work of unrecognized genius in years to come. Just look how the text reads, after all:

Page 1: Frogs.
Page 2: Bog.
Page 3: Frogs in the bog. Boggy frogs. Soggy frogs.
Page 4: Frogs in clogs!

The plot really thickens when the fig-eating pigs put on wigs. There is some kind of altercation between the two species:

Frogs joggle pigs!
Pigs jiggle frogs!

By the time the bugs on rugs wearing goggles show up, there is a “big struggle in the bog,” and everything gets really out of hand.The cut-out illustrations are bold and weird, just like the words. I love this book and I never get tired of it. I wish there was an interview with the author about where she got her inspiration for this masterpiece. And if you hurry, by the way, you can pick this one up at for just a penny, too. ABZ

Frogs in Clogs -- wigs







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