Book #229: Aviary Wonders Inc. Spring Catalog and Instruction Manual

Aviary Wonders -- coverHere’s a new book that comes at our environmental situation with a real twinkle in its eye. It’s a futuristic catalog of bird parts that a customer living in 2031 and beyond can use to assemble a bird of their own. Nutty, right?  Pretend customers can assemble birds that have been extinct for years, — like the Javanese lapwing — mix together a packet of Aviary Wonders Welcome Mix into a cup of warm water and — bingo! You’ve got a lovely bird all your own.

The catalog is divided into various pages — wings, wattles, legs, beaks, bodies, crests — so that you can pick and choose parts and build your own bird.  Who comes up with this?  Kate Samworth paints in oils and draws with ink and graphite.  Her illustrations are inspiring.  According to the flap copy on the back, Samworth took a class with David Wiesner, who encouraged her to go into picture book illustration. I’m a big admirer of this book, and I’m looking forward to whatever she puts out next. ABZ

Aviary Wonders -- beaks


Aviary Wonders -- feathers




  1. thanks, Amy! I’m happy to hear you like the book. Hope your spring is full of birds! Kate

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