Book #23: The Empty Pot

Empty Pot -- Cover ArtHere’s another excellent read with a little trick at the end to talk about with your child. In a kingdom filled with flowers, where the air “smelled like perfume” an aging Emperor looks for a successor to the throne.  He decides to “let the flowers choose” by handing out flower seeds to all the children in the kingdom.  The child who brings the most beautiful flowers in a year’s time, the Emperor says, will succeed him to the throne.

Ping is a little boy who loves flowers and has the magic touch.  Everything he plants blooms beautifully, so naturally he is very excited about the Emperor’s contest.  In spite of a year’s worth of attempts, however, he cannot get his seed to sprout. Feeling truly ashamed and frightened, he comes before the Emperor bearing only an empty pot.

Empty Pot -- Ping and pot w: Emperor

I won’t tell you how Ping wins the competition, but I’ll tell you that for children, this is a totally riveting story.  It’s about honesty and acceptance of failure, but it also has something to say about the inanity of blindly following a crowd.

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