Book #236: The Invisible Boy

The Invisible Boy -- cover

This is the story of the little kid — we all know him — who is ignored in the class. He’s quiet.  He sits at his desk and draws. Nobody picks him to be on their team for kickball.

When a new boy, Justin, joins the classroom, the children make fun of him for his Korean food. Brian, however, the invisible boy, reaches out and sends him a note. Justin and Brian start to make a connection, but Justin is whisked away by another boy. At the end of the story, Justin invites Brian to join him and another friend in a school project. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of being invisible for Brian.

I kept thinking this book would go a little deeper in characterization or plot, but I still think bullying is prevalent in school and that a book like this is a good springboard for discussions about kindness and empathy. You don’t get a lot of laughs out of this book, but there’s a place for it, too. Ray and I talked for a long time about which kids have said unkind things in his classroom or on the playground, and what he can do to change the course of a conversation.  ABZ

The Invisible Boy -- joining


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