Book #234: Lucky Ducklings

Lucky Ducklings -- coverMy spouse, Lynn, picked today’s book, and both she and Ray loved it, so here we are. Based on a real event, Lucky Ducklings tells the story of the day a mother duck accidentally lead her babies, Pippin, Bippin, Tippin, Dippin, and Little Joe, over the storm drain, where they successively fell in. How can one read this book and not think of the legendary Make Way for Ducklings?

A woman noticed the mother duck flapping her wings and quacking for her babies, and she called the fire department.  A man named Perry helped by hooking the grate to a cable attached to his truck and voila — in moments the ducklings were free.  Heartwarming!  Lynn loved the book because it showed the best of humanity, the everyday nobility of ordinary people who bother to stop what they are doing to rescue some helpless animals.  “That’s the best of the human spirit right there,” she said, when she closed the book.  Who would disagree?  ABZ

Lucky Ducklings -- mother wings

Lucky Ducklings -- into grate


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