Book #248: Sparky!

Sparky! -- coverHere’s that same monochromatic illustrative style we are seeing in so many books these days, but I happen to like this style and don’t mind seeing a similar color palette from book to book. And this one is such a great book, too. It’s one of those picture books that makes a great present for anybody, adult or child, provided the object of your affection has something of a sense of humor.

The story here is that a girl asks her mother for a pet and her mother says she can have any pet that doesn’t need to be walked, bathed, or fed. A sloth seems the perfectly logical solution.

Sparky -- sloth over shoulder

Isn’t he endearing? A sloth is such a funny creature. The narrator doesn’t seem to mind that Sparky, as she calls him, always loses at King of the Mountain and Hide-and-Seek and Kung Fu Fighter. He’s good at playing Statue. And he is awfully cute.

But a sloth is a hard pet to show off, since they can’t do any tricks, and then there are the naysayers.  “I feel sorry for you,” a snooty friend says.  “My cat can dance on her hind legs. And my parrot knows twenty words, including God and ice cream.”

Sparky -- god and ice cream

The narrator tacks up a sign on Mary’s tree that reads, Trained Sloth Extravaganza with the promise of countless tricks that will certainly amaze. Sparky unfortunately, fails to amaze.  You can feel the frustration here, but it’s understated to say the least.

Afterward, I gave Sparky a cookie, but he ate it so slowly that I took it back again.

Afterward, I gave Sparky a cookie, but he ate it so slowly that I took it back again.

You can’t really expect a sloth to do tricks, though, and it’s really okay. They are charming and sweet just as they are.  ABZ

Sparky -- it

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