Book #257: If Anything Ever Goes Wrong at the Zoo

If Anything Ever Goes Wrong at the Zoo -- coverHere’s a book from 1993 that I plucked from the library display a few weeks ago. I think it’s an engaging and entertaining story, and besides that, it’s about the zoo.  What child doesn’t want to hear a story about the zoo?

The book opens with the simple announcement that Leslie and her mother go to the zoo every Saturday.

One Saturday Leslie talked to Seth, the zebra keeper.
“Could I have a zebra?” asked Leslie.
“Oh, no,” said Seth. “Zebras need to stay at the zoo in their nice fenced yard.”
“Well,” said Leslie. “I have a nice fenced yard. If anything ever goes wrong at the zoo, you can send the zebras to my house. It’s the one on the top of the hill.”
“Thank you,” said Seth. “I’ll remember that.”

So it goes.  Leslie makes the same offer to the monkey keeper. And to the elephant keeper.  And to the keeper of crocodiles and ostriches and goats and lions.

Naturally something finally does go wrong at the zoo, and suddenly wild animals are taking up residence in Leslie’s yard and garage, the closet and the bath. An unwieldy situation for sure, but Ray was thoroughly amused, and the twins (who are constantly dealing with their fear of alligators) took a long look at the illustration of the croc in the bathtub.

This would be a great one to read before a zoo visit, obviously.  Or just before bed, as the case may be.  ABZ

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