Book #267: Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site -- coverA crane truck and a cement mixer nod off and fall gently to sleep. Other heavy machinery, too. This one is a nice break from sleepy animals and babies, and somehow the rhyming narrative isn’t bothersome.

He lowers his bed, locks his gate,
Rests his wheels; it’s getting late.
He dims his lights, then shuts his doors,
And soon his engine slows to snores.

Shh…goodnight, Dump Truck, goodnight.

The wax pastels give this book a rich softness that’s just right. And you can’t beat the illustration of the crane truck clutching his little teddy bear with his eyes closed. This one is certainly a heavy hitter in the getting-ready-for-sleep category. Stay tuned for a list of some more of my bedtime favorites.  ABZ

Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site -- excavator






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