Book #268: An Egg is Quiet

An Egg is Quiet -- coverAnother book I forgot to mention this past Easter is An Egg is Quiet, written by Dianna Aston and illustrated by Sylvia Long. I tend to write largely about fictional or biographical picture books, so this is a nice break. An Egg is Quiet, published by Chronicle Books, is a lovely homage to the different kinds of eggs in the world. There are large eggs and small eggs, speckled ones or gray ones, round ones and oval ones. Some take about three weeks to hatch; others — like a salmon, for example — take nearly three months. Ray liked the detail about amphibian eggs, which are “gooey” to keep them from drying out. I loved the detail about seabird eggs, which are “pointy at one end, so if they’re laid on rock ledges, they roll around in safe little circles, not off the cliff.”

Hummingbird eggs are the size of jelly beans, apparently.

Who doesn’t love the look and feel of an egg? Such perfect, lovely things. The illustrations in this book are fascinating and beautiful, and the end papers, with eggs on one end and the animals who laid them on the other, are an extra bonus.  I was excited when I discovered this book a few weeks ago, and while it could be read at any point for its scientific information, it’s a great one for the Easter holiday, too. No bunnies or religiosity, just the simple loveliness of the humble egg.  ABZ

An Egg is Quiet -- black necked stilt


An egg is colorful -- double paged

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