Book #270: Lion vs. Rabbit

Lion Vs Rabbit -- coverLion is a bully that must be stopped. He gives Buffalo a wedgie, he sticks silly notes on Zebra. He steals Hyena’s lunch monkey!  The animals are exasperated, so finally Baboon runs an ad offering a reward for anyone who can get Lion to stop bullying.  (The reward is 100 bucks, or, mostly gazelle — ha ha).  A bear, a moose, and a tiger answer the ad, but nobody is able to stop Lion from being so mean. Enter — Rabbit! Rabbit outwits the lion repeatedly, winning marshmallow eating contests and painting contests and hopping competitions. Rabbit bests Lion at every competition — but how?  Little clues along the way are fun to look back at once you’ve finished the book. The art is droll and the story is ridiculous. The illustrations sort of remind me of Big Rabbit’s Bad Mood.  ABZ

Lion Vs. Rabbit -- zebra

Lion vs Rabbit -- 3 contenders

Lion vs Rabbit -- up the mountain

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