Book #276: City Green

City Green -- coverRay and I really enjoyed this story about an old building that is knocked down on a poor city block. According to the narrator, “now this block looks like a big smile with one tooth missing.”

With the help of her neighbor, Marcy decides to form a neighborhood group of people dedicated to renting out the empty lot to use as a garden space. Old Man Hammer, the neighborhood skeptic, says it can’t be done.  But he’s wrong, and soon enough everyone is planting seeds in their own section of the new garden. Marcy’s brother is reluctant to help, but Mama yells at him.  “None of that here!” she cries, and he obeys. Eventually he looks like he’s having fun.

Even old Mr. Hammer secretly plants sunflower seeds in the back of the lot. When summer comes, the garden is wild and beautiful, and Mr. Hammer brings his lunch and sits among the herbs and vegetables.  And among his tall sunflowers, too.  ABZ

City Green -- empty lot

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