Book #280: Hey, Rabbit

Hey Rabbit -- coverI love this guy’s work. Look closely, there’s a bit of Maurice Sendak in there for sure. I wrote about Sergio Ruzzzier before, but somehow I overlooked a pretty good bunny book during the Easter season and thought I’d catch up to it now.

This is a dreamy and magical sort of book, definitely short on plot. Various animals approach Rabbit and ask him if there is anything in his (magical) suitcase for them.  And there is!  Dog wants a bone, toucan wants a leaf, bear wants a pillow. Everyone gets what they ask for, including, at the book’s end, our dear Rabbit. I realize my description of this book sounds completely stupid, but trust me, the book isn’t. It’s full of color and dreams and whimsy, and it’s about wish fulfillment and friendship. It’s about getting all that we want and need in life in the tiniest moments. I wish I’d given this book to my son at Easter time, since it’s about a bunny but not about Easter. But really, this is a good book for any time of the year.  ABZ

Hey Rabbit

Hey Rabbit -- cat spread

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