Book #160: King for a Day

King for a Day is a story that takes place in Lahore, Pakistan, during the annual celebration of spring. Basant is the most exciting day of the year! With feasts and music and parties, people celebrate the arrival of spring. And many will make… Continue reading

Book #159: When Stravinsky Met Nijinsky

There are so many excellent true stories coming out of picture book these days I felt I’d give this one a mention. About the relationship between the Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky, and the dancer, Vaslav Nijinsky, this book discusses the inception and opening night… Continue reading

Book #158: Pop’s Bridge

It took four years to build the Golden Gate Bridge and nearly a thousand men worked on it. This story is a fictionalized account of a young boy whose father is a “high-iron man”, one of the workers who balance on “the slatted catwalks,… Continue reading

Book #157: How My Parents Learned to Eat

I love the title. This one is from 1984, illustrated by Allen Say. Allen Say went on to illustrate some incredibly beautiful books (Grandfather’s Journey, The Boy of the Three-Year Nap ) but this little story came before he got famous. The story is about… Continue reading

Book #156: Happy Birthday Martin Luther King & I Have a Dream

At this point in Ray’s life I’m interested in sharing the story of Martin Luther King in a straightforward way. Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King, by Jerry Pinkney, has simple language with scratchboard oil pastels. The book does address the fact that King was… Continue reading

Book #155: Another Night at the Museum

Please check back in a few days for a discussion of this book. Previous      Click here to read Book #156

Book #154: Crow Boy

Does anyone remember this beautiful story?  I can’t tell if I love Crow Boy because I remember my mother reading it to me as a child or if it’s simply a remarkable book no matter when you read it. I am partial to stories… Continue reading

Book #153: Nino Wrestles the World

This may be my favorite picture book of 2013. It’s vibrant and funny and positively jumping. Our hero is a little Mexican dude who exposes us Americans to a popular wrestling spectacle in many Spanish-speaking countries called lucha libre.  In lucha libre, wrestlers dress… Continue reading

Book #152: Beegu

Beegu, by Alexis Deacon, was a New York Times Best Illustrated book in 2003. A little alien that looks like a stuffed animal crash lands on earth and looks for love. She tries to speak to the trees, but they don’t answer. She thinks… Continue reading

Book #151: The Seven Silly Eaters

We’ve been reading all these scary books lately about sea monsters and Irish fog, I thought we’d take a break and go for something light. In Mary Ann Hoberman’s The Seven Silly Eaters, a mother is saddled with the complicated problem of having seven… Continue reading