Book #219: Dare the Wind

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Book #218: I Stink

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Book #217: Corgiville Fair

Yesterday was Vintage Friday, but somehow I forgot and ended up writing about this new publication. What can I tell you, meticulous blogging is not my strong suit. This Book-A-Day thing has lately been something of a Book-A-Week Thing.  Bear with me. At times I just can’t get to the computer and you just have […]

Book #216: Don’t Play with Your Food

At this point I can’t even remember if I wrote about Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great, but here’s another funny one by Bob Shea about a monster named Buddy who can’t seem to eat some bunnies no matter how hard he tries. Every day he gets up with the intent to devour them, but it’s […]

Book #215: The Day the Crayons Quit

Published in 2013, the copyright page of this book contains a sentence about the way the pages were illustrated.  “The art for this book was made with …um…crayons,” it says, dryly acknowledging the obvious. Whatever. I still hate this freaking book.  It’s a tedious, boring read with no plot, no real characters, and a ridiculous […]

Book #214: Everyone Poops

Note: I’ve linked this book to Taro Gomi’s other illustrious favorite, Everyone Farts, since there is no apparent link to this book.  You can navigate your way to this book from there.   Taro Gomi has written and illustrated hundreds of books for children.  A few of them, including Everyone Poops, have made it into […]

Book #213: Squid and Octopus

Tao Nyeu silkscreens some of her work using water-based ink and colored pencil. I think the colors and details really shine, but it’s the writing that cracks me up. There’s something very funny about an octopus and squid being the best of friends, don’t you agree? I love this illustration. All those arms.     […]

Book #212: I Love You, Stinky Face

This is one of those books that you can read to a broad age range and it never really gets old (at least for the kids). I started out with the intent to read this book to my two-year-olds, but soon enough my son, who is in kindergarten, was asking for it, too. Repeatedly. I […]

Book #209: Miss Rumphius

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Book #208: Bear and Bee

I’ve been following Philip Stead’s blog for a while now, and I must say I really love it. He has wonderful taste in children’s books, and I’ve posted quite a few of his favorites without really giving him the proper attribution. Philip Stead, by the way, wrote A Home for Bird, and his wife did […]

Book #205: George Flies South

From 2011 by Simon James, here’s a little story about the power of mother’s love. I love a good story about the power of mother’s love, by the way.  Show me a Runaway Bunny or Are You My Mother and I’ll show you a happy reader (or writer). Ever seen Hazel’s Amazing Mother by Rosemary […]

Book #204: The Snow Leopard

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Book #203: Here Comes the Garbage Barge

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Book #202: Who Needs Donuts

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Book #200: Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln

Due to various writing deadlines and a deluge through our roof this past week, I have been unable to meet my daily book quota. This causes me no small amount of anxiety, as I’ve become quite passionate about my Book-A-Day blog. I’m starting with today’s post and will fill in the blanks as time allows. […]

Book #198: It Jes’ Happened

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Book #197: Frederick

A friend of mine recently shared some of her favorite picture books with me, and I was delighted to revisit Frederick, by Leo Lionni, after all these years. It’s from 1973. Mice have been on my mind lately, too, since yesterday morning I found a baby one trapped in a quarter-full glass of milk on […]

Book #196: Northwest Passage

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Book #195: The Maggie B.

Of this book, Elizabeth Bird, the children’s librarian at the New York Public Library, writes, “It’s not exactly a household name…but those familiar with it or that grew up with it will defend it with their lives.” This is a story of a wish come true. Margaret Barnstable wished on a star one night — […]

Book #194: The World is Waiting for You

If you’re tired of the old pen-and-ink situation, here’s National Geographic’s answer to Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, with gorgeous photographs and a soaring exhortation to get out there and divide and conquer. So to speak.  I’ll have to remind my son that I have no desire to ever see him sky dive or […]

Book #193: Duck, Death and the Tulip

This weird and slightly disturbing little story comes out of Germany, from 2007. The first American edition was published in 2011 by Gecko Press, a publishing house known for their “curiously good books.” I don’t know what to make of this book, and I’m not smart enough to write a profound literary commentary about how […]

Book #192: How Big Were Dinosaurs?

Great piece for understanding the size of the dinosaurs, by Lita Judge, published in 2013.                                     Previous          Click here to read Book #193

Book #190: This Little Piggy

Here’s a funny book from 2013 by indie rock band member Tim Harrington, who lives in Brooklyn. Ever wonder what happens to the piggies on the other foot? It’s a lot more interesting than the original circumstance with all that going to market for roast beef and crying all the way home. This little piggy […]

Book #189: Jane, the Fox and Me

Here’s a beautiful, somber graphic novel from 2012 from Quebec playwright and author, Fanny Britt. This is a coming-of-age about the pain of being an adolescent girl and the horrendous cruelty of middle-school peers. I hate to write a long, diluted discussion of a story that is universally recognizable, both in these lovely illustrations and […]