Public School, Part 3

My Dear Readers, I’ve been trying my hardest to ensure that personal essays arrive in your inbox, or on the website, each and every Tuesday and Thursday.  Unfortunately, I am deeply humiliated to report that after disseminating the third part of this series to several editor friends — including one professorial spouse — it was […]

Public School, Part 2

When I was eight years old, our chocolate labrador, Meg, was struck and killed by a car in Sheepshead Bay.  She was only three, and she was a beautiful, docile animal that would allow all three of us kids to stick our hands down her throat and pull her tail, even while she was eating.  […]

Public School, Part 1

Occasionally I feel compelled to write about my five-year-old son’s transition from private school to our local elementary school, which thus far has mostly been a disturbing experience.  This piece is still being drafted and is quite rough, but I am dedicated to providing 2 personal essays each week, sleepless twins or not.  Let me […]

How to Thaw Your Unborn Children, Part 4

Readers, here’s the next installment of a long piece about how I first lost a baby to another mother, and eventually defrosted three of my own.  Do let me know what you think, as I welcome and love comments.     I loved that baby mightily. I carried her up and down the stairs in […]

How to Thaw Your Unborn Children, Part 3

Still a rough cut here, so bear with me.  I feel it’s important to provide you with this material just as I write it, to ensure that I hold myself accountable to posting personal essays to you each and every week.  Please let me know if you think something is poorly constructed or inaccurately characterized. […]

Suzuki Violin & the Jewish Mother

Here’s a piece about my son’s progress on the violin using the Suzuki method. As I become more technology-friendly, I’ll be adding bits of audio and video to the series. Anyone interested in music lessons, violin pieces, or parenting in general, might enjoy this work-in-progress. And of course, if any part of these articles is […]

From Straight to Gay: Rewriting Mainstream Literature

Getting Around Straight Literature for Kids of The Gay Some of my gay friends complain that there aren’t enough children’s books for the children of gay parents. Since I have written a few stories and books for children, these friends often tell me I should be the one to write these books. But it’s really […]

How to Thaw Your Unborn Children, Part 2

This is part 2 of a longer personal narrative about divorce, coming out, and ordering your offspring from an online catalogue.  It’s a rough cut and will be subject to many drafts and versions before completion.  Do let me know what you think, and if you like the piece, I would appreciate it if you […]

Truly Scrumptious

Readers, let us speak today of the violin recital. Contrary to what you might think, a musical  performance is never about what plays out on the stage.  It’s what goes on behind the scenes.  Think of your child’s violin recital as a canvas  upon which to puke up your simmering resentments toward your mother.  Or […]

My Husband Has No Penis

An abridged version of this essay, entitled “When Your Husband is Not a Man,” was recently featured on YahooShine. I’ll tell you a secret. I still have some internalized homophobia.  I get squeamish when I have to come out, even if it’s a circumstance where nobody gives a damn, which is pretty much my circumstance […]

How to Thaw Your Unborn Children, Part 1

Dearest Readers, Here’s the first part of a longer book I’m working on about the process of making your family via artificial insemination. Ever since I was a kid, I’d wanted to have a kid. When I was nine years old and in the fourth grade, I used to play a game called Birth on […]

Protected: Please Don’t Sue Me

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


When I was thirty-one years old I had a torrid affair with a woman.  Let’s call her Mary (her name was Mary).  It was not very nice of me to carry on with Mary, especially since I was already married to Mark.  (Let’s call him Mark.) Mark liked Mary very much until I admitted that […]