How to Thaw Your Unborn Children, Part 9

I’ve been thinking a lot these days about what it means to feel uncomfortable.  Is it really so bad to feel bad?  Why are so many people conflict avoidant?  What does it mean when we brush up against each other the wrong way, and… Continue reading

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How to Thaw Your Unborn Children, Part 8A

When I left my husband, it was because I had an affair with a woman. I loved my husband a lot, and we had a great time in the bedroom, too, but I’m of the opinion that you can pretty much teach a monkey… Continue reading

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Personal Essays In Your Inbox — When, Did You Say?

Dear Readers: It can’t be Thursday already, can it?  I phoned my web helper person and told her that I was having trouble keeping my promise of two personal posts a week. “Can’t we change the line on the subscriber box from Personal Essays… Continue reading

A Viral Post…

Dear Readers, Sadly, certain parties within this house of matrimony have deemed my upcoming password-protected post unfit for human eyes. The last time this happened it was politics; this time the subject matter is apparently so explicit my spouse is worried that all my… Continue reading

A Note to my Readers

Dear Readers, If you received an email with a secret password, it’s because I’m planning to post a personal essay that is truly personal.  (How is that even possible? you may ask. How much more burning shame can this writer endure?) You’ll need the… Continue reading

How to Thaw Your Unborn Children, Part 6

Forgive me dear readers, this one is quite rough.  I’ve made a decision to publish, but it’s still very much a draft.  I apologize if you trip over syntax.  ABZ Back in the day before my mind was cured completely, I used to see… Continue reading

How to Thaw Your Unborn Children, Part 5

After I left Moira, I got a studio apartment around the corner from where she lived, but since this was in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I might as well have moved to Chicago. Blocks change drastically in a city. I didn’t see Moira or the… Continue reading

Book #52: A Personal Essay Around Wemberly Worried

Weirdly, today’s picture book blog post is also a brief personal essay. I’ve always wondered where these two niches — personal essays and A Book a Day — would converge, and I am happy to announce that the day has arrived. I think. I’ve… Continue reading