Squirrel — Part 9

2 March 2013 Readers! Here is what I hope and pray will be the last installment of my rodent nightmares. Thank you so much, every one of you, for reading my story and for providing such encouraging feedback. I loved reading all the comments… Continue reading

Squirrel — Part 8

27 February 2013 Hi friends, I’m sorry it took so long to get back to this. I assume there are only like three people left who are even still reading this thing anymore, but here we go — the final stretch! I sped toward… Continue reading

Squirrel — Part 7

21 February 2013 I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my last squirrel post. I also can’t believe this ordeal isn’t over. I walk around my neighborhood looking at squirrels with a kind of renewed respect. Who are you, I think to myself,… Continue reading

Squirrel — Part 6

5 February 2013 Artie still likes me. When I bent over to pick up my lantern yesterday, he said, “Put those boobs away, you’ll get me excited.” I admit I was taken aback, but I apologized and followed his instructions (I took them off… Continue reading

Squirrel — Part 5

1/2/13 later A lot of people are asking me, so I’ll tell you: I didn’t end up going to the squirrels last night, even though Artie said I was supposed to because they can freeze to death outside in a trap. I just knew… Continue reading

Squirrel — Part 4

1/2/13 Who put the squirrel calendar in Ray’s cubby at pre-school today? ABZ Click here to read Part 5

Squirrel — Part 3

1/31/13  (evening) I really don’t want to go to the rodents tonight. It’s 8:45 and the girls just fell asleep and I’m beat from spending the evening with Ray and the twins at Barnes & Noble, where the former of this group had a… Continue reading

Squirrel — Part 2

1/30/13 It’s a long and lonely drive across the Hudson River late at night when you’re in the business of catching squirrels, and when I say late at night, I mean really late, like almost eight-thirty p.m. or maybe even quarter to nine. I… Continue reading

Squirrel — Part 1

Here’s a series of posts originally published on my Facebook list.  The response was overwhelming. 12/28/12 There are a family of squirrels wintering in the attic of our rental property. Every night I drive over there from Kingston and set traps. No matter the… Continue reading