Root Canal Pt. 1

  I had a root canal retreatment today. This is not to be confused with a root canal treatment. A retreatment means, in my case, that you had a root canal some time ago, but neglected to do Part 2, the important part, the part where you get a crown put over the top of […]

Thanksgiving 2017: The Band

Well, another successful Thanksgiving year come and gone, replete with all the sugary trimmings, family drama, and dinner table repartee. I look forward to this time of year because as a writer, I love the family fights. It makes such amazing material. This year also marked what will hopefully result in a new tradition: the […]

Happy Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween from your nicheless blogger — Amy Bronwen Zemser.  I don’t know what I’m doing with this website anymore. I have no goals, no niche, no demographic, no plan. I do have a cautionary tale, however. I practically died last night. Halloween with three kids is always busy with costumes and squash-soup making and tea […]

Our Two Cats, Martin Luther and Rosie (Crazy Eyes Mouse Killa).

Greetings from the blog! Some recent news: 1. All three of my children now attend public school. 2. I am no longer breastfeeding my twins. 3. Lynn and I are still together. 4. We are now fostering kittens. We have re-homed ten, but are keeping these two. 5. Jefferson, our mini-schnauzer, has registered his dissatisfaction […]

Happy Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween, my friends. My twins are four and in preschool now, and the other day the parents were told to put the children into costumes for a trip to the local assisted living facility. My twin girls are staunch archetypes. One is tomboy; the other is femme. Ella wore a sparkly mermaid costume and Lucy […]

Happy New Year 2016: Looking Forward to this Year’s Resolutions

Here’s Ray at 7 reading a book I wrote before he was born and got published shortly thereafter. It’s for the good ten-year-old reader but Ray has always been strong in the reading department. I didn’t tell him to read it. He found it somewhere buried in the piles, noticed the name on it was […]

Happy Fall, All…

What a glorious weekend in the Hudson Valley. I’ve been away from the blog for so long.  Please stay with me as I share some stories of our lives raising the twins, managing Suzuki violin with our son, new thoughts on public school and further, more serious inquiries into a homeschooling option for my children.  I […]

Book #261: Coming Soon

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Book #260: Coming soon

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Book #259: Coming Soon

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Book #231: The Snow Queen

We’ve been watching a lot of Disney’s Frozen around here, so I thought it might be a good idea to read the original tale to our son. Please check back for this review… Previous

Book #230: Mother Mother I Feel Sick Send for the Doctor Quick Quick Quick

Marvelous! Check back for this review.   Previous

Book #226: Papa is a Poet

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Book #225: Weeds Find a Way

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Book #224: Where’s Mommy

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Book #223: The Surprise Party

From 1969 by Pat Hutchins.  Coming Soon.               Previous                              Click here to read Book #224

Book #211: Listen to the Wind (The Story of Dr. Greg & Three Cups of Tea

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Book #210: Once Upon a Memory

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Book #207: Play, Mozart, Play

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Book #206: A Trip to the Bottom of the World

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Book #201: Hopper and Wilson

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Book #199: Ghosts in the House

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Book #191: Ouch!

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Letter from the Editor

Dear Friends, Readers, Lovers, Homosexuals: I can’t believe I’ve fallen this far behind on my personal posts.  I apologize.  I’m writing the portion of How to Thaw Your Unborn Children that has to do with our experience of selecting a sperm donor, getting acquainted  with our fertility doctors (a laugh a minute!), and approaching my […]