Video Vensday on Tuesday. Or Monday, I think.

I was all excited about posting a new video on Wednesday so I could call this series Video Vensday, but I am seeing now that this joke is getting tired, and anyway it’s Tuesday. Actually, I’m writing this to you on Monday night at… Continue reading

Video Vensday — An Original Video for You

Velcome to Video Vensday, where on certain Wednesdays of the month, I will present you with some important examples of my latest projects. This week, I’m sharing the movie trailer to a larger feature I’ve been working on, entitled Snow Oysters. It’s powerful, meaningful… Continue reading

How to Fix Your Monkey, a Video, and Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018! My resolution is to drink more water. Moving on. In case you forgot, it was a huge ordeal to get up early on a Sunday morning to buy this year’s most popular toy, the Fingerling, for my five-year-old twins. In… Continue reading