Holiday Charm from Me to You…

AntibioticsDearest Readers,

Try as I might, I sometimes can’t make my self-imposed deadline of a personal post every Tuesday and Thursday. I forced my web lady to help me edit the copy from “Personal Posts Every Tuesday and Thursday” to “Personal Posts Most Tuesdays and Thursdays” but these days I’m wondering if I shouldn’t call her and have it changed to “Personal Posts Most Tuesdays and Thursdays Unless Somebody Gets An Infection, in Which Case Any Post at all Would be Miraculous.”

The truth is nobody has an infection. Well, I do. I’ve had four in the last few weeks in the following order: Strep, Strep, Sinus, and Bladder. Or Urinary. I never know which is which. I’ve managed to find a physician who just calls in prescriptions at this point, but he makes you come in for a UTI, and since I don’t have time for that nonsense I just dug around in the cabinet for some old penicillin I hadn’t finished. There it was. So I’m out here cultivating a superbug if you need me.

The biggest thing I’ve learned after nearly four months of nonstop blogging is that if you don’t get enough sleep and you substitute sugar for all your proteins and fibers then you will be sick most of the time. Who knew? I mean I knew this, of course, but I never used myself as way to personally prove it. These next few weeks I’m going to focus on quinoa and kale, and getting How to Thaw Your Unborn Children, Part 13, in your inbox by Thanksgiving.

Sometimes I can’t make the deadlines.  I hope you understand.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, dear friends and subscribers. Lots of love to all of you.



  1. Feel better, Amy. I do miss you and your posts when they are not here on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but it’s more important that you are well and healthy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks, Miriam. I try my best but the children are very demanding. I made the mistake of starting the blog at the same time that I started writing. Most smart bloggers write for about 3-6 months before launching so when they come down with urinary tract infections they have some material to fall back on. Too bad I’m an idiot. Happy holidays to you and yours! xx ABZ

  2. Amy! Take care of yourself! Maybe even get some fresh antibiotics for that UTI. UTI’s suck.
    I hope you feel all better soon, or right now.
    Happy Hanukkah and Happy Thanksgiving!

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