How to Fix Your Monkey, a Video, and Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018! My resolution is to drink more water.

Moving on. In case you forgot, it was a huge ordeal to get up early on a Sunday morning to buy this year’s most popular toy, the Fingerling, for my five-year-old twins. In case you were wondering, the toy lasted about five minutes once it got into our house. Here’s a video that captures the situation in a minute or so. Leave me a comment after you watch and let me know if you think I’m next year’s Spielberg. 


  1. You’re killing me!! lol That poor monkey needs a little plastic surgery now that all the parts are healed…

  2. Omg. Can I be a nanny in your home? It’s non stop 🤪. When did you get a schnauzer?? He’s adorable and my schnauzer mix would love him. Take me in to be your nanny!!!! Hahahhaha Happy new year!

  3. Rachel Smith says:

    Omg crazy glue! You guys are so top notch. For broken toys we use one of several old rolls of bright blue duct tape that at some point were packed in a box with some small rubber pellets that stuck to their edges. It’s best on broken bright blue toys, but whatever. Happy New Year!!

  4. Kathy Valentin says:

    Regarding your resolution, there’s an app called drink water pro. Reminds you to drink until you float away and die of overhydration.

    • “die of overhydration” made me laugh. I’m stealing that line in my next blog post, so don’t comment and blow my cover. PS I posted answers to the kids pictionary quiz on Instagram. More to come on those, too. Thanks for reading!

  5. Holly Winter says:

    The Schnauzer looks so innocent.

  6. Hey, Spielberg, love your movie, especially because it has a happy ending. The girls and the money have a future. . . .

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