Personal Essays In Your Inbox — When, Did You Say?

CalendarDear Readers:

It can’t be Thursday already, can it?  I phoned my web helper person and told her that I was having trouble keeping my promise of two personal posts a week.

“Can’t we change the line on the subscriber box from Personal Essays Tuesdays and Thursdays to Personal Essays MOST Tuesdays and Thursdays?  How about SOME Tuesdays and Thursdays?

Lynn begged me to change the line to just Personal Essays on Tuesdays, mainly because the dishes haven’t been done in weeks and everybody has to wear the same shirt at least three times these days.

Personal Essays When I Feel Like It.

What’s It To Ya? Nothing Personal Happened Today. 

Part 7 has long been completed, by the way, but a friend of mine told me on the phone yesterday that if I didn’t change her name and certain distinguishing details she would never speak to me again. And that she would start her own WordPress blog and call it, Suing Amy Bronwen Zemser: My Story.

Since I’ve been getting into so many thorny conversations lately about privacy and public disclosures, I’ve decided to make the announcement that Amy Bronwen Zemser doesn’t actually exist.  She is the protagonist of a fiction piece.  The working title is: Please Don’t Do That In The Tub.

There. Now I can say whatever I want.


Something to say?