Public School, Part 3

My Dear Readers,

I’ve been trying my hardest to ensure that personal essays arrive in your inbox, or on the website, each and every Tuesday and Thursday.  Unfortunately, I am deeply humiliated to report that after disseminating the third part of this series to several editor friends — including one professorial spouse — it was determined that the piece is not yet fit for public consumption.

I’m writing about something complicated.   I’m writing about something controversial.  Apparently I am hostile.

I do not want to ruin lives, nor do I wish to get sued, although it seems to me that my only asset right now is breast milk.  Perhaps I should go back to scrawling notes in my ratty spiral-bound notebook from 1998.

Bear with me.  I’ll let you know when I’ve written something publishable.


Part 4


  1. Matt Wright says:

    Always good to have a filter when things get heated! We only fan the flames because we love you. And I can say with all certainty that I’ve never benefitted from your breast milk, but still feel lucky to have met you.

  2. GAH! But I need to know!!!

  3. I, for one, am very offended. Here in the Himalayas, we pride ourselves on our education system. And one of the things we just will not tolerate is criticism. We find it undermines our complacency. I advise you to stick to lactation, young lady, and let the experts handle nurturing the next generation of thinkers. If I didn’t live so far away, I’d rap you on the knuckles with my ruler.

    Sister Cindignacious

  4. change names, dates and location… no one will ever know.

  5. I’m in the dying-to-know camp, but understand that you don’t want to get sued just so we can share in your experience. Hoping that somehow, down the road, this series gets a happy ending!

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