Book #10: The Scrambled States of America

Scrambled States CoverGenerally, I don’t like goofy, cartoony books.  I know, I’m a stodgy old stick-in-the mud and I’m snotty about high literature besides, but sometimes you just have to cave into the silly.  Plus the idea and its execution is so clever that you can’t resist.

The states on the map are feeling restless and bored, and they long to see a different part of the country.  I can totally relate.

Scrambled States -- Kansas

They situate themselves differently so they can form new bonds, and at first they have the most wonderful time.

Scrambled States -- mixed up

Relocation does cause problems, however.

Scrambled States -- Lonely Kansas

You have to give Laurie Keller credit for these wonderful characterizations of an unhappy Florida, and an even more miserable state of Alaska, who is “irritated by Oklahoma’s handle jabbing into his left side and Michigan’s thumb tickling his right.”

scrambled states -- cold florida  scrambled states -- unhappy alaskaEverything works out in the end, of course, which is always satisfying.  I don’t know what I’d do if New York ended up in the Pacific Ocean.  It would take forever for Ray to visit his grandparents.



This is a great book for kids who are just familiarizing themselves with maps.  Ray is five-and-a-half and he thought the whole thing was hilarious.  We had a lot of interesting discussions about our country, too, like where various states were situated, and what distinguished them from each other.

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