How to Thaw Your Unborn Children — Update


Dear Readers of Thaw:

I’ll be spending some time over the next few weeks working out a book proposal to some literary agents. My Thaw series has something of a bloggy feel (as it should, it’s a blog after all) and I’ve got to make some adjustments before submitting to the great Publishing Monolith. The point of writing these excerpts was in part a way to get back into the habit of writing daily.  I also was experiencing such frustration and insecurity around being a writer in general that I  had all but chucked every last page of manuscript about anything I’d written in the last six years into the pellet stove.  Thank you, dear readers, for your encouragement and enthusiasm.  Please stay tuned for more stories and observations about any number of topics.  Most will be useless; some might be entertaining.

Again, I thank you.  You are all so dear to me. (Except for the woman who  yelled at me in the comments section for writing a piece about how my lesbian partner has no penis.  Apparently she knows a real man that actually has no penis.  She is quite bitter.)



  1. Good luck, Amy! Can’t wait to see these in print.

  2. Awesome! I think the essays will transition beautifully to print. Much better than “Shit My Dad Says.”

    My condolences to the penisless man, although sometimes I think it might be a blessing if the damned thing would just fall off.

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