Our Two Cats, Martin Luther and Rosie (Crazy Eyes Mouse Killa).

Greetings from your cat-loving blogger!
Some recent news:
1. All three of my children now attend public school.
2. I am no longer breastfeeding my twins.
3. Lynn and I are still together.
4. We are now fostering kittens. We have re-homed ten, but are keeping these two.
5. Jefferson, our mini-schnauzer, has registered his dissatisfaction by eating cat food and refusing to speak to us.
Meanwhile, Rosie, the larger of the two pictured, has maimed or killed four mice this week. Predator by night, narcoleptic by day, she marauds until the early hours of the morning, ruining the lives of ordinary law-abiding field mice with all the arrogance of a remorseless and unmerciful despot.
She brought one to Raymie and deposited it on his bed. She ate another, only to throw it up later on an expensive rug. Today’s mouse was just an infant, and I had to intervene with a heartbreaking mercy killing that involved paper towels and a rock (all further details will be furnished upon written request).
Martin Luther (featured left) is to observe these ritual slaughters from the safety of my brassiere, where he reflects upon the scene from on high in a kind of subdued reverence.



  1. Beautifully written and so funny!

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