Video Vensday on Tuesday. Or Monday, I think.

I was all excited about posting a new video on Wednesday so I could call this series Video Vensday, but I am seeing now that this joke is getting tired, and anyway it’s Tuesday. Actually, I’m writing this to you on Monday night at 9:32 pm, but I’m telling the system to schedule the post for Tuesday. Oh, to hell with it. I’ll post the Vensday Video right now, on Monday.  

I realize many of you think I don’t have much future as a filmmaker, but like my grandmother used to say, “With one tochas you can’t dance at two weddings.”

This may not make sense to many of you, but it’s important to keep my grandmother’s memory alive, even if she actually never said this. 



Here’s a link to last week’s video, in case you missed it. I got a lot of comments on that video, and I’d love to hear what you think about this one, too. Don’t worry: all my videos are under four hours. 



  1. Evan Rothman says:

    You are apparently the love child of Gilda Radnor and Luis Buñuel.

  2. This needed to be about 20 minutes longer.

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