Video Vensday — An Original Video for You

Amy Bronwen Zemser, writer and director of the upcoming full-length feature, Snow Oysters.

Velcome to Video Vensday, where on certain Wednesdays of the month, I will present you with some important examples of my latest projects. This week, I’m sharing the movie trailer to a larger feature I’ve been working on, entitled Snow Oysters. It’s powerful, meaningful work, and much like my last video, How to Fix Your Monkey, this new piece cuts to the heart of what it means to be a writer, a progressive, and a parent in complicated political times. 

My spouse, Lynn, begged me not to publish this piece, and my closest friend offered to pay me a lot of money to destroy the footage forever. However, like any creator, I will not spare the public from my truth. For it is through truth and truth only, that true truths can be known. Feel free to quote me, if you like. 


  1. Rita martin says:

    Bubbe Ruth would be so proud‼️Why not ”SNOW QUAHOGS”🎉💐

    Your Cuz

  2. Perfection! But us old farts need a bit more time (just a few seconds) to really appreciate the witty written screens! We’ve even watched it twice! I’m sure the Academy will create a new category for it!

  3. Diana Kuster says:

    I am so glad you march to your own beat of your own drum. You encourage me to listen to my own rhythm. Maybe next time it could be a pot luck with other middle aged moms sharing their own delicious delicacies with you too. What a beautiful day in the Catskills. You’re amazing and entertaining. Encore!! Bravo!! Tres bien!! Amen!! Mazel tov!!

  4. Omg. I needed that this morning!! 🙂

  5. Finally REAL ART!!!

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